Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A dialogue with cats

There I was again, smoking out of my bong, blowing the smoke towards the rain that pounded hard on the window with the wind's menacing hand. Alone, but in the company of three cats, all staring at me, six little eyes, round and round (and round).

What, kitties, gonna call the police?

I looked at Juno, her green eyes twinkling and with that unimpressed face. She was taunting me.

"Juno, I'm pretty sure I'm done but I'm not gonna put my bong away just yet because what if I want more later?"

She says nothing.

"I'm just talking to you a crazy person...because I'm really high." I stare at them, mouth half open. They stare back. I stare at them for some time.

"Yeah...I am doneeee. But it just doesn't feel right to put it away yet. What if I'm not later?" I ask Juno.

She stares at me blankly.

"Cause it's like...the ritual isn't done yet, you know? It feels to early to finish. Anyway, I'm just gonna put it down like this." I put the bong down on the table. Pretty bong. Good bong.

Yup, three cats over here. I must say it's been fabulous. Fabulous! I do love my munchkins. The actual Oliver and Tigerlily are here, original inspiration for my blog title! :-)

Speaking of this blog, it's quite pathetic that January is almost over and I only have three posts here. I was actually talking to some random dude at the gym today who saw that I was reading Valvedre by George Sands and he started asking me if I was a writer, and what I write, and I told him that I have a stupid blog to practice writing more as a New Year's resolution. I didn't actually say it was stupid.

That prompted me to update this.


  1. eh, he looked like Sayid from Lost but taller and buffer and younger. So if you think that is hot, then you can have him.