Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let's get some shoez.

I'm at Starbucks with an iced skinny vanilla latte (delicious, overpriced, and with a stupid name), studying... and dreaming of shoes.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nikon D3000

Late in posting as usual. I should start out by saying that my 21st birthday was fabulous. Honestly it would be too much of a daunting task to say everything that happened - maybe some other time. Let us just remember that it was fabulous, ethereal, divine...

I also tried salvia this past weekend. This too is a daunting task to explain. I do not think such an experience is possible to express in words - so I won't, for now. Later.

I'm most likely heading back to the motherland (China) this September, and I aim to capture my journey with a new DSLR camera. I swear that is my main purpose of purchasing something so expensive. I'm not trying to be a hipster...

Have been doing extensive (not really) research on entry-level DSLR cameras, and am probably settling on the Nikon D3000, which will cost around $450-500. I think this is a great price for what I am going to get, but will not be purchasing it until I feel a bit more financially secure. So this summer, maybe, and I will get a chance to ask my camera savvy friends what they think. I would love to take a photography class also, if I can squeeze it in. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Play something for me, Alicia

I've been haplessly busting my ass off as usual. Once again, I've been needlessly scheduling myself in ways that divert from common sense. Not sure why I thought I would be able to drive to and from Oakland, making it back to Millbrae past midnight, then drive back to Davis during witching hours, sleep for 2 hours, and wake up to volunteer for the UCD Triathlon. As you can understand by now, this didn't happen. While I can't say I'm happy with myself, I must say the weekend was well worth it anyway...

Well, why was I in Oakland? For the Alicia Keys Freedom Tour! It was absolutely incredible. She is quite the artist, quite the woman. We didn't really get to see Melanie Fiona, but hey, that was fine, as long as we got to see the very sexy Robin Thicke! Wow, what a powerful guy. He had a whole arena of women swooning! When the backdrop was revealed and it said Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy in sexy black and red, the ladies were sold! Oracle Arena instantly turned into a giant coliseum of rabid, lusty women, hands grabbing and arms stretched out, reaching for the sexy flesh that is Robin Thicke, so ready were they to tear the-- oh shit that was just me. Rambling.

Well, Mr. Robin Thicke was a great warm-up for my impaired lungs. Yes, I put her through a lot - hard hours at the gym had got them panting, and she gasped for air after each cigarette and harsh bong rip. But at this concert, my lungs had to deal with all the hyperventilating and adolescent schoolgirl screaming that was provoked by Robin Thicke's rotating hips, gyrating and thrusting and-- oh shit- ... Rambling again.

Basically my throat hurt from all the excitement (although my friend Rachael still beat me in that department). Of course you have to scream at each song change, and each time the artist speaks. Every word. Yes. Scream.

She sang all of her hit songs spanning her four (amazing) albums, plus some lesser knowns, like "Superwoman". Trust, you think her song sounds good on CD and with yo good speakers and shit, but you ain't HEARD her sing live! Girl can sing like no other! One of my faves from the concert was a lively upbeat version of "No One" and a godly "Wait till U See My Smile".

Somewhere along the line some scrappy bitches in the back were clawing at each other and fighting and shit. Not cool, girl!

I was totally jealous of all her outfits, nothing flashy, no costumes, but pure sophisticated Alicia: black blazers, leather leggings, a white dress made for a goddess. Ugh. So jealous.

She finished off with "Empire State of Mind", where she had to replace the "New Yorrkkkkk" with 'Oakland' a couple times.

Great concert. Great everything: great backup singers, background dancers, audio/visuals. I must say I was quite annoyed with the narrowness of the seats, but all was made up for with the amazing acoustics of the arena, and hearing Alicia's celestial voice...and Robin... oh shit!

I should say, though, that I have absolutely no clue as to how we ladies arrived at the concert. It is a fact that I drove, but it shan't have been my car - of all things - that I drove. No, no, it can't have been! It was a space shuttle that I drove, yes. I think I was supposed to have driven my white Toyota Prius there, but after that ridiculously fat joint that a certain friend of mine constructed was smoked between us, my car turned into a spaceship! That is the only explanation possible.

Yes, I was impossibly blazed a good portion of the concert.

[in soft voice]And the space shuttle...took off...

Oh boy, am I high right now. I see that shuttle now, flying off into the universe.

See ya later, Buzz.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April showers bring May flowers

It's April!

Sure, I am seven days late but I am always late.

April brings a lot of new and exciting things for me (Move aside, Easter, Jesus Christ, and zealous Christians).

For example, there is UC Davis Picnic Day (big drunkfest), 420, my 21st birthday (get ready, son!), and a series of smaller events, such as the UCD Triathlon (sadly, I am not participating as I had hoped - but I am volunteering!). I am also going to two shows this month: Passion Pit on campus (on my birthday!), and Alicia Keys in Oakland.

But as usual, backwards minded racist conservative hicks be tryna ruin this month fo' me -- what the fuck, yo!

National dickface Bob McDonnell, governor of Virginia (what's the weed like in Virginia?), has declared April to be Confederate History Month. Once again I am humbly reminded of how lucky I am to be from the WEST COAST, the BAY AREA at that, raised with CULTURE and an open mind. No sir, I do not consider your redneck-and-proud lifestyle to be anything remotely related to culture (certainly not "high culture", I should say). Nor do I find any sense in promoting the INHERENT RACISM that is associated with the Confederacy. Slavery, hello?...SMH at Southerners--

Click the image for some innocent lols.

And the worst part is knowing that there's a whole clusterfuck of ding-dongs that are throwing their cowboy hats in the air and drinking in celebration, "Hey, y'all! Let's organize our next boot party, y'all! In the name of God, y'all!"

Are you there, God? It's me, May. Smite these mothafucka's to hell!

And here I am researching and reading reviews of good cheap wines that I can buy when I turn 21.

*Sigh* Always gotta kill my good time.