Friday, September 3, 2010

The Inception Dream World

El Capitan

Diamondhead State Monument in Hawaii

I think I should record my dream before I forget.

I wanted to write it down this morning, but was in my usual I'm-frantic-as-I-get-ready-for-work state. Which is unfortunate because perhaps I have forgotten key aspects to the dream, or now this is lost in translation...

I was in Tahoe last week so most likely this is where the setting for the dream came to be...I was in some kind of national forest. In my dream it was assuredly Diamond Head State Monument, which is funny because that park is in Hawaii (I've been there).

But in my dream I wasn't in Hawaii.
But in my dream I did see the actual Diamond Head, which is funny again because I haven't seen the image of that since I was about seven (but have thought about it again several weeks ago as I was planning a now canceled trip to Hawaii with my mother). Isn't that strange?

Except Diamond Head had morphed with both Tahoe National Forest and the figure of Diamond Head somehow became El Capitan as well.

It was astonishingly sunny, bright, and beautiful, the whole of my dream, even indoors.

EVERYONE was there. All of my friends. My family. It reminded me of the final episode of Lost; all the important people (as well as unimportant - there were people EVERYWHERE) were there and DRESSED UP.

I don't remember what was said to all of my friends & fam. I just remember walking around the "park" and some large facility that resembled an aging elementary school, that somehow morphed into a fancy train in which everyone was dressed in formal attire.

Out of nowhere, I saw my old roommate sitting on train steps next to a handsome man in a suit (She met him on LOL). I said hello and we talked some nonsense.

Another friend of mine was standing behind her for some damn reason.

Somewhere in that zone, I woke up.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Everyone was in my dream except my father.

The whole dream, I had been searching for him, on that damn train. Looking through rooms and corridors and corners and he is nowhere to be found.

In my realest reality, that is OK. But I woke up on this beautiful Friday in the worst mood even though the dream wasn't "bad".

It's OK. I'm pretty sure I'll have a damn good Friday (all the alcoholics in the house, say heyyyy LOL). I'm having a good Friday already. I didn't get the internship I wanted for Arnold Schwarzenegger's newsroom, but they said they may want me for another department, so I'm getting interviewed again next week. And the boss that I am terrified of said good morning to me, and he referred to me by my NAME (I wasn't sure he knew my name lolol). And in an hour I'm getting the stitch in my back out, and hopefully will learn of my biopsy results, and can ask my dermatologist further questions...hmm.

I'll get over my daddy issues soon, in a few years, or decades. Mentally I have told myself to stop searching.

We'll see.

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