Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April showers bring May flowers

It's April!

Sure, I am seven days late but I am always late.

April brings a lot of new and exciting things for me (Move aside, Easter, Jesus Christ, and zealous Christians).

For example, there is UC Davis Picnic Day (big drunkfest), 420, my 21st birthday (get ready, son!), and a series of smaller events, such as the UCD Triathlon (sadly, I am not participating as I had hoped - but I am volunteering!). I am also going to two shows this month: Passion Pit on campus (on my birthday!), and Alicia Keys in Oakland.

But as usual, backwards minded racist conservative hicks be tryna ruin this month fo' me -- what the fuck, yo!

National dickface Bob McDonnell, governor of Virginia (what's the weed like in Virginia?), has declared April to be Confederate History Month. Once again I am humbly reminded of how lucky I am to be from the WEST COAST, the BAY AREA at that, raised with CULTURE and an open mind. No sir, I do not consider your redneck-and-proud lifestyle to be anything remotely related to culture (certainly not "high culture", I should say). Nor do I find any sense in promoting the INHERENT RACISM that is associated with the Confederacy. Slavery, hello?...SMH at Southerners--

Click the image for some innocent lols.

And the worst part is knowing that there's a whole clusterfuck of ding-dongs that are throwing their cowboy hats in the air and drinking in celebration, "Hey, y'all! Let's organize our next boot party, y'all! In the name of God, y'all!"

Are you there, God? It's me, May. Smite these mothafucka's to hell!

And here I am researching and reading reviews of good cheap wines that I can buy when I turn 21.

*Sigh* Always gotta kill my good time.

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