Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A trip down memory lane

Some of my best memories have been made while high.

I could have pages and pages full of fun/funny/questionable high memories, had I made the effort to write these things down.

Sudden flashback(s) of before I "came out" with my pot smoking:
The ritual of going to a certain friend's house late at night. Sitting on her bed, waiting for her to pack that bowl in her hardy ass bubbler. Sneaking out quietly and hiding in the shadows outside. Inhale. Hold it in. Let it out. Oh shit. Cough. Giggle. Oh shit car's coming. Oh shit was that your dad. Again and again.

Going back inside her room and chillin'. A lot of times we would whisper for no fucking reason. Then we'd be like, aye! why da fuck we whisperin?! Watching television. Sitting in silence for long periods of time. "Dude we've been sitting here for like 20 minutes not sayin' anything!!" "Nah dude, you trippin, it's only been 2 minutes." "WHAT THE FUCK1". Explosion of laughter. "See, now we're not whisperin'." "Yeah, why the fuck were we whispering." I swear this conversation seemed to happen every night.

Deep thoughts thinking. A floating body. Being in another wooooooorld.
Well. That was a whole 'nother stage of my personal "high evolution". Highvolution. That was when I first started getting high on the regular, but not on the daily. Just weekends and breaks from school. My tolerance was much lower and each experience was very special.

It all seemed so damn special to me.

Like, oooh, it's late. Everyone's going home. Time to smoke. That special time to tune out.

No complaints. Not sayin' my high experiences aren't awesome or meaningful now. They totes are. Not sayin' I don't get high to tune out from the big bad world anymore. But the aforesaid story is a very special part of my High Life. The whole ritual. Of getting high with your good friend before all your good friends were toking (well, to be fair, they ALL were already, just not as much as now).

Also the secrecy...
made it fun.

The exclusiveness.

Don't get me wrong though. I still got mad passion for pot. That was just another chapter of mah life.

I be movin' on now and shit. I speak different too! Motherfucker!

note: Contrary to what you may think, I am not high right now. I am merely contemplative.

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  1. hehehehe those nights when jr didn't know we smoked were hella funny. oh the secrecy too