Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This is a blog post that serves no real purpose

Man, I love edibles. The consumption of edibles and the subsequent high experience takes place in three stages:

Stage One: Consumption

Stage Two: Waiting

Stage Three: High

And sometimes,

Stage Four: Completely blasted to smithereens

I am not a fan of Stage Two. At times, this works, such as when me and my friends go hot tubbing at the gym. At the locker room, we ingest the edible and chill in the hot tub as the feeling of the high creeps in on us (Sometimes it doesn't creep, sometimes it slams you like a fucking train).

In general, taking edibles with friends is fun because you get to see if it'll hit you at the same time or not.

Tonight, I am not especially fond of the waiting stage. I greatly desire to sleep.

I really enjoy the effect of an edible when I am needing help sleeping. It is a body high that can often be much stronger than normal smoke inhalation. The high can be strong that it reminds me of my "greener" days (lol), when, young in this art that I was, smoking would annihilate my body in the best way possible.

As a more seasoned toker, this effect can be much harder to obtain. Luckily, an appropriate dosage of an edible can get me feeling the same way.

By now, perhaps an hour or more so in after my initial consumption, I am beginning to feel the high. I am hoping it will get stronger as time progresses.

I have been having trouble falling asleep all night and it is annoying me to my wits end. I only got four hours of sleep today, and have been quite tired and sleepy. Just can't fall asleep. I did have coffee today, but that was twelve hours ago.

This is a major and frequent source of annoyance in my life. I hate this feeling. My body is tired but my mind is much too alert. I did not even plan on getting high.

I often smoke just for fun, but in many cases, just to help me fall asleep. I am so thankful for this medicine. It has really helped me the past two school quarters. It helps me relax so much, and get enough sleep so that I can stay sane.

I am much calmer now that I feel this marvelous plant in my body.

Anyway, I have a lot in my mind right now. There is so much to think, do, and write about, but all I could do was write this post about edibles.


I do not look forward to the tired feeling of tomorrow.